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Vue Glasses – what You need to know

Vue Glasses – if you happen to be interested in the updates of the tech world, then it is highly unlikely that you are not familiar with the Google’s failed attempt at introducing a pair of smart glasses.

Despite a brand name like Google failing with the technology, however, the concept appears to be not done with the world yet. A new campaign for Smart Glasses has already been launched on Kickstarter under the name Vue Glasses. What’s even more exciting is that these Vue glasses are remarkably different as compared to the one that Google tried to introduce since the Vue smart glasses are identical to the ones that you wear in your everyday life, be it the spectacles or the sunglasses.

You will love the Vue Glasses!

It is indispensable to mention here that Vue is not as smart as Google has initially intended the technology to be. However, this has made it easier for the manufacturer to incorporate a relatively reduced amount of technology into a thin pair of smart glasses while making it more user-friendly for the consumer as well.

One of the greatest differences that the Vue smart glasses have introduced is the lack of display. All communication with the device is carried out with the use of voice.


Vue Glasses

Bone conduction speakers


What’s more is that the pair doesn’t come with the built-in earbuds which were a part of the Google Glass. Vue has successfully introduced a groundbreaking technology of bone conduction that essentially uses the conduction of sound waves through your skull enabling your ears to be free for all other activities that you have to address throughout the day. You will no longer have to put the unsightly earbuds into your ears while attending a formal meeting.


Furthermore, a minute microphone has also been incorporated as part of the technology. The microphone enables you to communicate with the glasses and send requests to perform certain activities on your behalf much like a smartphone. For instance, you can forward a request to make a phone call or perhaps listen to your favorite music.



It is imperative to mention here, however, that not all of your daily activities can be made hands-free which necessitates the availability of tiny touch surface towards the side of the Vue smart glasses.

But it’s amazing that it is almost impossible to tell the touch surface apart from the rest of your smart glasses frame just by looking at it since it blends right in.

Vue Smart GlassesIn order to cater to the requirements of a huge range of potential customers, Vue has taken a wise decision of offering the smart glasses in three different variations. You can order a pair of prescription glasses, the sunglasses, or even the plain non-prescription glasses. Just like your ordinary glasses, you can get the Vue smart glasses in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The availability of the colors is, however, confined to three only; black, brown, and white.


The Kickstarter Project


The initial goal of Vue to launch its line of smart glasses was to receive the funding of at least $50,000. Currently, the $50,000 mark has not only been reached but has reached an incredible $2.215,583 implies that Vue is sufficiently funded to maintain its product in the market.

This is what further implicates that there is a significant amount of demand for the concept of smart glasses that Vue has introduced.

If you happen to be interested in getting a pair for yourself, you are advised to visit the Kickstarter campaign for Vue Smart Glasses and order one at a price of $179. Remember, in the light of an increasing demand for the product, it is very likely to get costlier in the days to come.




The Vue smart glasses is certainly the perfect wearable since it is impossible to tell it apart from the common prescription, non-prescription, or sunglasses. But that is not all that the technology has to offer. There is a wide range of features included in the Vue Smart Glasses. Let us accentuate a few of such features in order to facilitate you in making an informed decision.

  • Available in two different styles of classic and trendy.
  • A long lasting battery that offers 5 consecutive hours of talk time and 2-3 days of standby time with a single charge.
  • Bone conduction speakers (stereo) with a patent pending design that prevents sound leakage. A MEMS microphone that enables communication with the smart glasses.
  • Built-in Bluetooth version 4 that is compatible with almost all of the other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • A common USB port for charging that charges the device completely within 2 hours. The wireless charging case is also available.
  • 6-axis gyroscope as well as the accelerometer sensor. The infrared proximity sensor is also incorporated into the frame.
  • Offers a 5-field capacitive touchpad with gesture control.Vue Bone Conduction Speakers
  • Compatible with all applications for an iOS version 8 and above and Android Version 4.3 and above.
  • The device weighs only around 28 grams.
  • It is completely waterproof offering resistance against sweat, rain, and splashes.
  • Arm Cortex M3 is a powerful processor that ensures multitasking with no amount of lag.
  • Offers a customizable experience and keeps you safe with the turn-by-turn navigation system.
  • Enables you to listen to music, directions, or even calls without being distracted.
  • You can also track your activities such as the total number of calories that you have burned, the steps that you have taken, or perhaps the distance that you have covered.


Now that you are aware of what Vue smart glasses is and the features that it has to offer, it is highly unlikely that you are still not convinced of its usability and effectiveness as far as your daily activities are concerned.

While spending $179 may appear to be a little extravagant, the benefits and features associated with the smart glasses are what make it a worthwhile investment. So what are you waiting for, order a pair now and see it for yourself. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed in what’s included in the package.

Video and photos with kind permission of Vue / Kickstarter